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The Program

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OD4D Program Document

Key Objectives

  1. To help developing country governments, entrepreneurs, and civil society create a global action plan to harness open data for development;
  2. To support developing country governments to plan, execute, and manage national open data initiatives;
  3. To increase re-use of open data in developing countries by supporting appropriate data standards, guidelines, solution-driven applications, and demand-side capacity, helping to bring about social and economic innovation;
  4. To better understand the relationship between open data initiatives and socioeconomic development, informing the quality and reach of future open data initiatives; and
  5. To build the institutional capacity and long-term sustainability of the OD4D network.


For 2015-2020, the OD4D program aims to continue to support innovation, leaders and networks capable of unlocking the potential of open data to improve lives of millions living in poverty in developing countries. The OD4D program’€™s long-term vision has been developed through extensive consultation during the first two quarters of 2015, which included hosting the 3rd International Open Data Conference. That conference had more than 1000 participants from 56 different countries, and led to the development of a collaborative International Open Data Roadmap.


The core governance structure of the OD4D program is based on a Donors’€™ Committee, a program manager, and the network of implementing agencies.

The Donors’€ Committee facilitates the overall coordination and grant management activities related to the OD4D program. The committee is the decision-making body responsible for providing the overall oversight for the program. The Donors’ Committee is co-funded by the World Bank, the International Development Research Centre, and the United Kingdom’€™s Department for International Development (DFID), and Global Affairs Canada.

In addition to its place on the donor committee, IDRC manages the OD4D program. IDRC’€™s responsibilities include the strategic development of the OD4D program in consultation with the OD4D network and Donors€™ Committee; the review and approval of grants and budgets; as well as handling of granting processes, reporting, and other administrative issues.


A key component of OD4D is fiscal transparency and openness. All of the OD4D donors are also members of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI):