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ODI and OD4D renew plans to strengthen Southern Open Data Leadership in 2016

ODI and OD4D renew plans to strengthen Southern Open Data Leadership in 2016

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In 2016, ODI  and OD4D aims to expand previous efforts to support officials from developing countries. Building on the findings of the 2015 OD4D programme, this project will explore  how to embed, at scale, the change to open government data in developing countries.

Unlocking the supply of high quality, usable data is a critical success factor in the next phase of the global effort to realize development outcomes for the world’s poorest citizens. Data enables more informed decision making, increased efficiency, improved measurement and greater transparency. Yet this resource is often unavailable to the array of actors, domestic and international, who might gain most from its use. National open data initiatives, where governments actively publish the data they hold, have enabled innovation, transparency and efficiency to be enjoyed by many developed countries.

An increasing number of leaders from less developed countries recognize the benefits that opening up their data can bring for realizing their nation’s development objectives, and are requesting support from the international community.  During 2015, ODI have worked with many developing country-leaders, providing technical assistance provided to three countries (Tanzania, Macedonia, Burkina Faso), building a Open Data Leaders’ Network (ODLN) developed practical guidance for researchers and practitioners on capacity building methods.

Our hypothesis is that embedding open data at scale in developing countries involves scaling peer networks, methods that support problem-focused innovation, and defining the global policy infrastructure.

The programme will test this hypothesis through activities in the following streams:

  1. Scaling Southern-led networks;
  2. Understanding ‘what works’ in promoting sector-based innovation (with a focus on cities); and
  3. Global policy and emerging standards

ODI will continue to work with the OD4D partners – and the broad partnership around the International Open Data Charter – to support Southern open data leadership by leveraging our combined expertise in capacity building, innovation, and policy development. In doing so, we aim to:

  • minimum 100 government leaders actively participating in peer networks and promoting the Open Data Charter through leadership workshops and the ODLN;
  • support to open data innovation challenges (with a focus on addressing city challenges) within at least 2 Southern-based institutions/innovation hubs;
  • a suite of practical educational materials and tools on open data implementation guidance to support the Open Data Charter resources centre; and
  • communication products and research outputs demonstrating application of open data to address development challenges.