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Open Data for develpoment

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@od4_d @GlobalGoalsUN In an era when rising populism, misinformation and polarization is challenging the ability of democracies to rely upon shared facts, the stakes may never have been higher for success. https://t.co/2SJ81NC1dY #OpenData #OpenGov #IODC18

Warm feelings this morning when I found out (belatedly) that @timdavies wrote up a little bit of our fantastic conversation at RightsCon about the effects of open business data on trans folks! https://t.co/YN2yd3dCJF

EITI Mexico went above and beyond to make raw timely oil and mining data available on their new site.

Notably Mexico is also linking up revenue classifications to the work of @FiscalTrans on Open Fiscal Data Packages. Well done!


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