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Executive Summary

iHub Research set out to study and assess the implementation and impacts of initiatives that use data from Kenya Open Data Initiative’s (KODI) portal (opendata.go.ke). These initiatives include Code4Kenya, an outreach initiative supporting intermediaries to work with government datasets to develop applications and services that make data more accessible and that improve governance, as well as independently created open data applications. The research aimed to explore the extent to which these open data applications affect access to and use of government information in relation to service delivery within the sectors of Water, Health and Education.

The research used a mixed method approach, which combined qualitative, quantitative and experimental methods. This was necessary to provide a holistic view of the status of open data awareness, access and use in the country and help us better understand the underlying factors that affect the roll out, adoption and use of open data. These methods included a literature review, a user perception survey, dashboard data analysis of the open data applications, in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and a user experience experiment on three open data platforms. Findings from these techniques were aggregated and crossanalyzed to measure the extent to which technology intermediaries have increased the accessibility and utilization of open data in Kenya.