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During the High Level Conference on Data Revolution – a side event of the 8th AU – ECA Conference of Ministers, a number of actors developed the African Data Consensus, a document developed in partnership with OD4D partners.

  • Data Community: A data community refers to a group of people who share a social, economic or professional interest across the entire data value chain – spanning production, management, dissemination, archiving and use.
  • African Data Revolution: A profound shift in the way that data is harnessed to impact on development decision-making, with a particular emphasis on building a culture of usage. The process of embracing a wide range of data communities and diverse range of data sources, tools, and innovative technologies, to provide disaggregated data for decision-making, service delivery and citizen engagement; and information for Africa to own its narrative.
  • Data Ecosystem: Multiple data communities, all types of data (old and new), institutions, laws and policy frameworks, and innovative technologies and tools, interacting to achieve the data revolution.