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Open Data Day 2018: Looking back and looking forward (to building more inclusion)

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Happy Open Day! Open Data Day started in 2010 as a day when the community self-organizes a range of events to promote awareness and use of open data. It is a great time for do-athons, to connect across different areas of work and learn from each other, and to welcome new people into our ever-growing community. This year’s open data day has over 340 events registered on the open data day portal!

In 2010, what would eventually become our Open Data for Development network also started!We were planting the seeds, trying to expand the conversation and understand the impact of open data on developing countries. Our partners have been innovating, researching and advocating since then. From our early support to the Caribbean Open Institute, to the first Condatos, to many of the conferences, platforms, and  innovations, our partners have been at the forefront of pushing amovement around the world.

These are a few ways the OD4D Network is celebrating Open Data Day 2018:

Through the past eight years, we’ve  how our community has grown and matured. We’re committing to keep it an open and inclusive space for everyone – and to a global approach that supports local experts having important conversations around open wishing and open washing, better understanding what works to enable better transparency and accountability,  and supporting the ongoing development of champions of openness.

So here’s our call to action today: let’s all continue to reflect, research and mobilize all of the actors in order to work together as local and global communities to advance the power of open data to benefit societies.

Happy Open Data Day to all!