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Open Data for Development at the International Open Data Week in Madrid

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As co-hosts of the International Open Data Conference, we are super excited about the upcoming International Open Data Conference in Madrid, Spain on October 6-7, 2016. The Conference, which will talk about Global Goals, Local Impact, will act as a major point of reflection in our work.

But even before the conference begins, we and our key partners will be involved in a number of events leading up to the conference and exploring important







Tuesday, October 4:


Unconference: The Unconference will play a key role in shaping the agenda of the IODC and the IODC roadmap. The Unconference is being organized in conjunction with the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Africa Open Data Day: a day of workshops showcasing great solutions, teaching each other what works, and convening current and new open data enthusiasts for Africa.

Open Innovation workshop with the Open Data Institute exploring models for innovation with open data

Learning data skills to open reality with the School of Data: training and capacity building for data journalists 

Wednesday, October 5:

Open Data Research Symposium: This symposium offers open data researchers an opportunity to reflect critically on the findings of their completed research and to create cohesion within the research community on what the future challenges are likely to be in unlocking the potential of open data to promote social progress.


Open Cities Summit: This event will highlight how open data is being used around the world to improve the lives of citizens at the city level.


Open Data Standards Day: Giving space to open standards, with facilitated opportunities during the day for groups to check-in and share what they are working on – finding the connections.


Open Data Leaders Summit: The 2016 Open Data Leaders Summit is an invite-only event that brings together leaders of government open data initiatives to learn from each other, and discuss strategies for achieving impact, exploring topics of open government in the networked age, and agile leadership. (invite only)


Charter Stewards Meeting: Join the International Open Data Charter Stewards as they discuss what’s next in policy.
And of course, we’ll be front and centre at the conference. Come visit us at our booth to learn more, and enjoy.