The Open Data Barometer & Index



The Open Data Barometer (ODB) aims to uncover the true prevalence and impact of open data initiatives around the world. The ODB, currently in its third edition, compares contextual data, technical assessments, and secondary indicators to analyse global trends and compare countries.

There are currently 115 countries in the most recent edition of the Barometer. The ODB is a collaborative product of OD4D, and is produced by our partner the World Wide Web Foundation.

Check out the Open Data Barometer here.


The Open Data Index aims to measure the state of open government data around the world. This is completed through a crowdsourced survey to assess the openness of specific government data sets. This allows results from a citizen's perspective, allowing insights that can into government function and performance that can be compared across countries.

The Index is produced by our partner Open Knowledge.

Visit the Open Data Index website here.