Open Data for Development (OD4D) works to monitor the availability, use, and impact of open data around the world. Some of the key work in this area includes:

Open Data Barometer & Index

The Open Data Barometer (ODB) aims to uncover the prevalence and impact of open data initiatives around the world. It compares data on countries and regions using an in-depth methodology combining contextual data, technical assessments and secondary indicators. Currently, the ODB analyzes open data in 115 countries.

The Open Data Index provides a comprehensive snapshot of the state of open data that is available in countries around the world.

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Case Studies

We have engaged dozens of institutions to carry out case study research by exploring the supply, use, and outcomes of open data in various developing countries and contexts around the world.

Open Data Impact Map

The Open Data IMpact Map is a public database of organizations that use open government data from around the world. Currently 96 countries, and 1765 organizations have been captured in the Impact Map.

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