Some key regional initiatives in Latin America include:

Red Gealc

The Network of e-government for Latin America and the Caribbean, (or RedGealc in its Spanish aronym) facilitates cooperation between governments around e-governance. The network has contributed to sustained growth of the governmental open data community in the region. Learn more here.


Research in the Latin American has uncovered new insights on open data in the region.


A key area of work in Latin America is to foster and scale new open data innovations. For example, supporting the development of a web application allowing people in Uruguay to compare health care services (www.atuservicio.uy), or access air quality data for the cities of Mexico, Buenos Aires and Montevideo (http://respiraciudad.org).

Latin America Open Data Initiative (ILDA)

Hosted at: Avina, Organization of American States (OAS), and ECLAC

Formed: 2014

Open Data for Development’s (OD4D) work in Latin America is coordinated by the Latin America Open Data Initiative (ILDA in its spanish acronym).Currently, ILDA is working with the aim of scaling open data initiatives that contribute to reducing corruption, improving health service delivery, increasing resilience of cities, and reducing violence against women. In light of an increasingly dynamic open data ecosystem across the region, the newest phase of research will explore scaling the open data field to address key development challenges in an inclusive and sustainable way. ILDA will also provide support to governments and the implementation of a regional agenda, aimed at broader adoption of open data principles and stronger implementation of open data policies in Latin America countries.

Visit ILDA's website to learn more.