OD4D is working to build and maintain a global agenda for open data. In particular, we support both regional forums and global partnerships such as the Open Data Charter and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data to ensure we are aligning agendas and advancing the field.

Our primary focus is on enhancing the voice of developing countries around the world. Our partners organize key regional forums on open data like CONDATOS, Hacking the Caribbean, the African Open Data Conference. Regional priorities identified during these events provides the key building blocks for a collaborative and inclusive global OD4D agenda.

The 3rd International Open Data Conference in Ottawa in May 2015 provided an opportunity to consolidate and consult on the OD4D global agenda. As a result of the success of this conference, OD4D will continue to co-host and support future editions of the event, providing strong support for diverse supporters of open data from developing countries, showcasing regional efforts and maintaining a forward-looking OD4D agenda.


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