The International Open Data Conference is the leading gathering of the global open data community to debate and study the future of open data, with an emphasis on convening representatives from northern and southern hemispheres.

Open Data for Development (OD4D) has been a proud co-host of the IODC. In 2015, OD4D co-hosted the conference in Ottawa, and in 2016, in Barcelona.

The Open Data Roadmap is the outcome of the conference, acting as a summary of discussion and also laying out the action plan for the coming year. The 2017-18 action plan outlines 7 areas of work, including:

  • Broaden political commitment to open data principles
  • Identify and adopt user-centric open standards
  • Build capacity to produce and effectively use open data
  • Strengthen networks to address common challenges
  • Make action on open data movement more evidence-based
  • Use open data to support the sustainable development agenda
  • Connect with local communities

Read the Open Data Roadmap here.

Learn more at the IODC website: