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IODC 2016: Expanding the International Open Data Roadmap

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The international open data community has reached a new level of momentum. Collaborations across sectors and borders are launching at an astonishing pace and a shared roadmap for the role of open data has begun to emerge:

  • Mexico, Canada, the UK, the Philippines, and other stakeholders have already committed to implement the principles of the International Open Data Charter. Many others are expected to adopt this Charter in the coming months.
  • Open data is central to many of the ambitious commitments made this year by world leaders, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Climate Agreement, and the G20 Anti Corruption Data Principles.  
  • Open Data is also an increasingly local issue, as hundreds of cities and sub-national governments implement open data policies to drive businesses, transparency and service delivery in close collaboration with citizens.


To further accelerate collaboration and deepen this shared open data infrastructure , the Government of Spain, the International Development Research Centre, the World Bank, and the Open Data for Development Network will convene the Fourth International Open Data Conference (IODC) in 2016, which we are pleased to announce will be hosted by Spain on October 6-7 in Madrid.  

Titled “Global goals, local impact” the fourth IODC will reconvene our expanding community to showcase successes, confront shared challenges, and help us ensure that our vision and our diverse initiatives continue to coordinate effectively.

IODC 2016 will also be the first time that national and sub-national governments, civil society, multilateral organizations, and private companies join together around a truly International Open Data Charter, driven by  commitments to improve governance, citizen engagement, innovation, and inclusive international development.


In addition, IODC will host plenty of action-oriented events and workshops which will drive and expand an international open data roadmap that was initiative at the last conference. The groups working year to year and between each conference to build a shared open data infrastructure will come together at IODC.  Organizers will work with these vibrant global initiatives to strengthen cohesion among existing efforts and explore new ways to drive social and economic value around the world.

Check the International Open Data Conference website for more details!