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The Caribbean Open Institute (COI) is a regional coalition of Caribbean individuals and organizations that has become a catalyst and facilitator of open data initiatives within the region. The COI engages and works with regional governments, researchers, journalists, technologists, NGOs and academics, to raise awareness, strengthen capacity and foster collaborations towards the adoption of open development approaches.

The COI conducts the following primary activities:

  • Regional capacity building in a core set of technology platforms, tools and standards that are being commonly used across the Open Data universe
  • Awareness, advocacy and engagement with public sector stakeholders on Open Government and Open Data
  • Staging of the annual “Developing the Caribbean” Open Data Conference and Codesprint (DevCA) as an important regional forum for awareness, engagement and experimentation on Open Data initiatives
  • Demand-side research initiatives, exploring the potential impacts of Open Data initiatives in various thematic sectors

Recent Results