• Our caribbean regional hub helped co-host the Developing the Caribbean (DevCa) conference.

Some key regional initiatives in the Caribbean include:


OD4D supported research in the Caribbean is learning about the impacts of open data in many different areas. For example, research is looking at the impacts of open data on improved governance of protected areas, as well as using open data to conduct community mapping to empower the local tourism industry.


In the Caribbean region, OD4D projects have been supporting innovative interventions to increase the capacity and ability to use open data. For example, work has supported the HarvestAPI, an open source farmer registry platform to facilitate sharing of agricultural data.

Caribbean Open Data

Hosted at: Caribbean Open Institute (COI)

Formed: 2010

OD4D’s caribbean work is coordinated by the Caribbean Open Institute (COI). The Caribbean Open Institute (COI) is a regional coalition of individuals and organizations that promotes open development approaches to inclusion, participation and innovation within the Caribbean, using open data as a catalyst. There focus is on: advocacy, awareness, and engagement with public sector stakeholders on Open Government and Open Data; evidence of the potential impacts of Open Data initiatives through demand-side research initiatives in various thematic sectors; and capacity building in data literacy, competence and application as an essential component of Caribbean development.

Visit COI’s website to learn more: http://caribbeanopeninstitute.org/