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Call for Proposals: Francophone African Community on Open Data (CAFDO) network coordination

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The first African Francophone Conference on Open Data (CAFDO 2017) was held June 1 -3 2017 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso under the title « Open Data to achieve sustainable development goals ».


With over 100 participants, 12 sessions and workshops, and a data camp, the CAFDO conference was truly a regional gathering organized by the Ministry of Development of the Digital Economy (MDENP) through the National Agency for the Promotion of ICTs in Burkina Faso, brought together more than a hundred people, among them were representatives from 22 countries in Africa and Europe.


A report from the CAFDO conference laying out the foundations of a regional action plan


On this occasion, we are excited to introduce the activity report of the 1rst CAFDO conference entitled “Francophone Africa and open data: from local communities to national initiatives”.


This report reflects on the many discussions held over the three days in Ouagadougou, providing a summary of the debates who took place from the participants coming from civil society, academics, government or the private sector, and a lays out a common action plan following the creation of the network. Together, they highlighted different needs for capacity building, legislative and policy frameworks, technological infrastructure, tools and platforms.


“What are the objectives of the CAFDO network, how can the creation of this network have an impact on regional development in Francophone Africa and what are the next steps? “


The result of the dialogues and reflections is bringing out on the direction to take in order to create a dynamic network, and also identify future regional collaborations on common priority topics.


This report also provides a brief overview of the state of open data in Francophone Africa and details the projects introduced during the Data Camp.


> Read and download the report

> All the details of the conference on the community wiki: ​wiki.cafdo.org


An open call for proposal to coordination the CAFDO network


On this occasion, OD4D, the Open Data for Development Network is pleased to announce an Open Call for Proposals from organizations interested in supporting the development of the CAFDO network.


We are looking for an organization whose role will be to coordinate the network and support the implementation of the action plan developed with the stakeholders in the Francophone Africa region.


As a result of this call, OD4D expects to issue a grant of up to USD$70,000 for an initial phase of work of twelve (12) months.


The coordination mission will play a role of support and expertise to the various actors in the region.


  • It will ensure the capacity building improvement of a network of organizations, with tools, standards and data literacy;
  • It will follow up on the commitments listed during the first CAFDO conference of Ouagadougou;
  • It will ensure the respect of those commitments within the regional action plan.


To fulfill this mission, the regional coordinator will work closely with IDRC, the CAFDO steering committee and regional experts from various organizations.


Deadline for submission of proposals:

  • August 15, 2017, 23:59 EDT.
  • Proposals must be sent in English and French.
  • Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.


Proposals must be submitted by email to:

recrutements@cafdo.org copying contact@od4d.com


In the long term, the CAFDO community has the ambition to become a regional center for the OD4D network, a global network of leading organizations who work to advance the creation of locally-driven and sustainable open data ecosystems around the world.  OD4D uses an ecosystem approach to build the local supply of quality open data, and improve its use by leaders and innovators in government, civil society, the media and business.


> Read the full call here