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Open Data for Development’s (OD4D) long-term vision has been developed through extensive consultation since the beginning of 2015. This included discussions at the 3rd and 4th International Open Data Conference (IODC), where the global open data community comes together to reflect on progress, explore challenges, and discuss common actions.

Regional Hubs & Global Initiatives

OD4D works through two key modalities: our regional hubs and global initiatives. Our regional hubs are responsible for coordinating regional open data efforts particularly around research; building capacity for the production, use and application of open data; and fostering open data innovations. Our global initiatives are primarily focused on fostering a collaborative global agenda to advance open data, measuring the state of open data in the world, and encouraging coordination and standardization of open data formats for more effective use.


A key component of OD4D is fiscal transparency and openness. All of the OD4D donors are also members of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). You can find the IATI data for all OD4D donors below:



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