While open data work in Africa began in 2011, the region only started to truly gain momentum in 2015. Since that time, Open Data for Development (OD4D) has been working to foster the open data community and emerging open data leaders, to spur further action. Some of the key initiatives OD4D is supporting in in Africa include:

Africa Data Revolution Report

The Africa Data Revolution Report includes in-depth case studies of 10 African countries to better understand their national data ecosystems and political and legal frameworks. Current countries in the report include: Madagascar, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Swaziland, Nigeria, South Africa. This work is carried out with the support of our partner the World Wide Web Foundation (WF).

Africa Open Data Collaboration Fund

The Africa Collaboration Fund (AODC) is designed to provide seed funding and mentorship to turn open data ideas into action. The fund aims to empower Africa’s emerging open data civil society organizations and entrepreneurs, with selected projects receiving small grants coupled with targeted training and mentorship. The first selected projects began their work in 2016, and included implementing ideas such as developing social entrepreneurship and mobile development training in Rwanda, and data collection from local governments to assess the availability and quality of services and infrastructure in Nigeria. This work is carried out by OD4D partner Open Knowledge International.

Read more about the AODC.

Africa Open Data Network

Hosted at: Local Development Research Institute (LDRI) in Nairobi, Kenya

Launched: Early 2017

Open Data for Development’s (OD4D) work in Africa is coordinated by the Africa Open Data Network (AODN). This hub aims to scale the development impact of open data initiatives in Africa through promoting the adoption of improved open data principles, best practices, policies, partnerships, and use. The AODN will be supported with additional capacity building and innovation-oriented activities, building on existing OD4D work in Africa, including efforts led by Open Knowledge International (OKI) and the Open Data Institute (ODI).

Visit the AODN website: http://africaopendatanetwork.org/