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Africa open data collaboration fund

Africa open data collaboration fund

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Do you want to help build the African Open Data Community and catalyse an African Data Revolution that serves all members of African society?

Open Knowledge and the Open Data for Development program are pleased to announce the Africa Open Data Collaboration Fund (AODC Fund). The fund is a partnership with the organizers of the African Open Data Conference and  it is designed to provide seed support to empower Africa’s emerging open data civic entrepreneurs to build their data communities andimprove the delivery of services to citizens and achieve sustainable development goals.


Open data is a public resource that is transforming communities and nations across the world.  It is driving the innovation and a necessary building block that will ultimately help to revolutionising transportation, health, education, and agriculture, civic engagement, IT innovation, and government. However,  the open data community has quickly learned that for open data to have a transformative impact, it needs to be led by local people at the service of real problems. We have also learned that people, with different skills and perspectives collaborating is the most effective way to being to use data to solve problems, both big and small.

The Africa Open Data Conference taking place in Dar es Salaam from September 2nd – September 5th 2015 is a testimony to the growing African community and its commitment to building a more inclusive African Data Revolution. The conference is a key milestone for African collaboration and the development of emergence data communities able to improve the delivery of services to citizens and achieve development goals. The AODC Fund aims to supports these same objectives. It believes that  small contributions to collaboration to research, pilots and innovations can have a disruptive effect, catalysing significant impacts.

Coordination and Funding

The AODC Fund will be coordinated by Open Knowledge as part of the Open Data for Development program, a global partnership funded by the International Development Research Centre, the World Bank, UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and Canada’ Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD).  OD4D brings together a network of leading open data partners working together to harness the potential of open data initiatives to enhance transparency and accountability as well as facilitate public service delivery and citizen participation in developing countries. The overall goal of the OD4D program is to scale innovative approaches that have been proven to work, and strengthen coordination amongst open data initiatives to ensure they benefit citizens in developing countries.

Objectives of the AODC Fund:

The objective of the AODC Fund is to  empower Africa’s emerging open data civic entrepreneurs to build their data communities and improve the delivery of services to citizens and achieve development goals. Ultimately, we hope to see the emergence of a dynamic open data ecosystem and more thematic regional collaborations in areas such as health, education and local governments. Stronger African data communities can help to facilitate the spread of ideas, tools, and skills— supporting context-aware and high-impact innovation exchange.

The AODC fund will provide up to US$ 15.000 dollars to civic entrepreneurs and community leaders in order to facilitate knowledge sharing and catalyse collaboration between people from different countries & different sectors to improve service delivery in Africa. The funds will support organisations in their efforts in building their data communities to bring about positive change. Building on the Africa Open Data Conference’s priorities, the main focus will be on education, health, water, agriculture and local government, but we welcome innovative proposals seeking to address new issues as well.

The Open Data for Development Network in partnership with the organisers of the AODC will provide support and mentorship whenever needed, helping to pair with relevant projects to provide advice and support and ensure that past failures are not repeated. The most successful African experiences will be shared in the International Open Data Conference in Spain (October 2016) and hopefully help shape the next AODC.

Timelines & Milestones:

The Africa Open Data Collaboration fund call was extended until the 7th October 2016. Feedback to shortlisted proposals will be provided by 17th October. The final proposal shall be submitted by 1st December 2015, for final review and approval. The projects should plan to begin from the 1st Jan 2016 and should finish before December 1st 2016.

Milestone Date
Call for Proposals Opens 5rd September, 2015
Call for Proposals Closes 7th October, 2015 (extended!)
Shortlisted Candidates Receive Feedback 17th October, 2015
Final Project Selection Published 1st December, 2015
Projects Begin 1st January, 2016
Presentation of Results October, 2016
Final Reporting Complete 1st December, 2016


The AODC fund is designed to support local leaders and as such, only individuals and organisations currently living and working in Africa are eligible to apply. While we encourage applicants to consult and collaborate with international actors, all beneficiaries of the fund must be based in Africa.

How to Apply:

All applicants must submit an Africa Open Data Collaboration Fund application form  before October 1st, 2015 to be considered. We will select between five and ten shortlisted proposals and provide detailed feedback to the applications who will have two weeks to integrate the feedback and submit a final proposal.

Success proposals must clearly address the following:

  1. How do the project proposal support the development of open data communities and cross-sector collaboration in Africa?
  2. How does your project proposal intend to improve the provision of essential services in the fields of water, health, agriculture or education?

In addition, proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Tangible Outputs: We are interested in supporting projects that produce clear and tangible outputs that will have a direct impact on citizens. As such, we will prioritise proposals with clear and concise outputs that we deem feasible to deliver before October 2016.
  • Creativity & Innovation: We are looking for projects and organisations that are thinking outside of the box and as such will prioritise proposals that demonstrate novel and creative approaches to solving development challenges
  • Scaling through Adaption & Replication: Innovation in the field of open data is most successfully achieved by building on, adapting and improving the work done by others. The AODC fund is driven by an interest to support the development of tools and processes that replicated and adapt the work of the open data community within the African context.





Africa Regional Coordinator, World Wide Web Foundation


Senior Open Data Consultant, World Bank, USA


Policy Specialist, UNDP, South Africa


Senior Program Officer, IDRC, Canada


International Development Manager, Open Data Institute, UK


Director, Code for Africa, Turkey


Project Manager , Open Knowledge